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Milling Cutters

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Milling Cutters
Milling Cutters for milling, Brand KEO Cutters. Cutters' styles includes Woodruff Shank Type, Dovetail Cutters, and ...


  • Dovetail Cutters

    KEO Dovetail Cutters. Dovetail cutters are provided with 45 degree and 60 degree angles utilizing a right hand cutting action. You may choose from HSS, Cobalt or carbide tipped cutters. Carbide tipped tools include a .020 radius.

  • Keyseat Cutters

    KEO woodruff keyseat cutters are extremely versatile profile milling cutters that satisfy a variety of applications from milling slots to milling threads.

  • T-Slot Milling Cutters

    KEO T-Slot Milling Cutters. KEO T-slot milling cutters have staggered teeth on the circumferential surface and teeth on both sides. The side teeth alternate to provide maximum chip clearance and stability to permit rapid milling of T-slots with minimum risk of breakage.

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Products by page