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Indexable Drills, Boring Bars & Tool Holders

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Indexable Cutting Tool (indexable inserts) Holders such as Boring Bars and Indexable Drillsyourtoolcrib offers a wide...



  • Indexable Drill & Drill Bodies

    Indexable Drill and Drill Bodies for Indexable Drilling

  • Cartridge

    Cartridge is an additional tool to the Boring Bar. It goes under the boring bar. See a picture below for details of siize measurements.

    Cartridge,an additional tool for Boring Bar 

  • Boring Bar

    Boring Bars or Indexable Tools (inserts) Holder for turning, grooving and threading. See Picture below for data/size measurement explaination.
    Boring Bar Measurement/Data Details 
     Yourtoolcrib provides Boring Bars from various quality brand such as SANDVIK  and ISCAR at resonable prices. 

  • Indexable Milling Cutters

    Milling cutters that can be rotated or flipped without disturbing the overall geometry of the tool (effective diameter, tool length offset, etc.

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Products by page