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Spotting Drills

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Spotting Drills

Spotting drills are used for improving accuracy where tight tolerances are important for deep hole drilling operation...



  • High Performance Spotting Drills

    KEO High Performance Spotting Drills

  • NC Spotting Drills

    KEO 90° SE Narrow Chisel (NC) Spotting Drills. are designed with a narrow chisel edge for quick starting and a constant web to allow for resharpening without the need for web thinning. Available in 82°, 90° and 120° Point Angle, and High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Steel (HSS) with TiN coated and Cobalt material.

  • Spotting and Centering Drills

    KEO Spotting and Centering Drills. KEO spotting and centering drills prevent misalignment frequently caused by using regular drills for centering. These short drills can be chucked close to the point, ensuring accuracy and true starts.

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